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Torp Taxi Service

We want a local driver. One who is well- known in the city or district we are going to. One we may know or have driven with before. We will have a fixed price agreed in advance. Thats why we choose to book a taxi at Torp airport taxi. Quick and easy!

Sample picture: Grenland Taxi


A license issued by the authorities with a requirement for everything relating to passenger transport. Insurance for its passengers.  All the taxi drivers have safety course. It wont be possible to book a trip on torp airport taxi service that does not meet all the requirements that the authorities require in term of passenger transport.


Once you have received your booking confirmation at torp airport taxi, its the taxi service provider that you have chosen that is responsible for the driver being at the pick-up address at the time of booking. This is the advantage of approaching the central rather than directly to the driver. 

Torp Taxi

Services and solutions


Torp Taxi: Special Assignments

Cars for any mission. If you have special needs.You will find it here on


Torp airport taxi

To and from Torp Sandefjord airport. Pickup at home. Airport taxi has become a well-known concept in relation to taxi transport to or from Norwegian airports. 

Torp Maxi Taxi

If you are several (6+) who want to travel together. Almost all the exchanges have a maxi taxi to Torp available. Check in the booking form of the individual exchange if they have this service.